Project 17

Project 17's Emergency Hotel Fund


The Hotel Fund pays for safe emergency accommodation to prevent homelessness while refusals of statutory support are challenged.

We have made some temporary changes to the Hotel Fund because of increased dangers of homelessness resulting from Covid-19. The fund is now available for any homeless person with NRPF challenging a refusal of stautory support (previously the fund was only available to challenge refusals of s.17 support).

Voluntary sector organisations and lawyers can make referrals to the project, which will 

  1. Reimburse the organisation for the cost of emergency hotels, and
  2. Work with the organisation to challenge the practice that led to the initial refusal of support. 

Full information about how to refer to this project can be found here. In brief, the guidelines are as follows:

  • A referral can be made where a family or individual is refused statutory support, leaving them  homeless or with no safe accommodation available
  • The referring organisation completes a referral to Project 17 by 5pm on a working day.
  • There must be at least a 50% chance of a successful legal challenge
  • Up to 3 nights accommodation can be requested, whilst a legal representative is preparing a legal challenge
  • Subject to approval by Project 17, the referring organisation books accommodation, and submits an invoice to Project 17 who will reimburse the costs of the accommodation
  • After the case has been resolved, the referring organisation writes to the local authority/Home Office (template letter provided by Project 17) to complain about the incident of poor practice, and completes a brief monitoring questionnaire


Full details of the terms and conditions of the fund and how to refer can be found here. Please ensure you have read this before making a referral. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to refer to the fund, please call us on 07808 646855 or email before taking the time to complete the form. 

The referral form can be downloaded here. Please email completed forms to


We look forward to receiving your referrals!