Project 17

Domestic Abuse Guidance

On 16th July 2019 the Home Office published their revised Domestic Abuse Guidance. This is the key document Home Office caseworkers will use when responding to reports of domestic abuse from people seeking asylum who are receiving accommodation and financial support (asylum support) from the Home Office or who might be eligible for it.  The guidance also sets out the role of accommodation providers and that of Migrant Help in responding to reports of domestic abuse.

 The key points of the revised guidance include:

·         A new Home Office funding mechanism to allow women to access specialist refuge accommodation. 

·         An expansion of the guidance to include women not already receiving asylum support but who may be eligible for it. 

·         A Home Office commitment to consider and act on the views of women, and the professionals working directly with them, when making decisions about safe housing.

·         A Home Office commitment to believing women and not seeking corroborating evidence of domestic abuse.

ASAP and the Refugee Council are currently  monitoring the implementation of the new guidance and feeding back any issues directly to the Home Office.  For further information on the revised guidance or to provide feedback on the implementation please feel free to contact: 

Matilda Bryce at