Project 17

Local Authority Updates

                                                                                                             March-April 2020


Project 17's Children's Charter

Islington and Hackney Council have both signed up to Project 17's Children's Charter.

Haringey's subsistence rates  

After three years of campaigning for higher rates of financial support for families with NRPF supported under s17 by Haringey, the Council have finally agreed to increase levels of support



                                                                                                               October 2019

Newham NRPF

There has been an independent audit of the NRPF team, which families with NRPF and organisations working with families were involved in.

Free school meal's for children affected by NRPF in Lewisham

On 2nd October 2019, Lewisham agreed to provide free school meals to children affected by NRPF in the borough.