Project 17

Haringey's Subsistence Rates

After three years of campaigning for higher rates of financial support for families with NRPF supported under s17 by Haringey, the Council have finally agreed to increase levels of support! Previously, Haringey's policy was to support children only and their rates were some of the lowest in the country. Haringey will now be using section 95 asylum support rates as a guide, but have said that they will assess each child and that the policy will be flexible enough to accommodate any additional needs.

This change will make a massive difference to families being supported by Haringey! The campaign was very much a collective effort and we would like to thank all the organisations/groups who worked alongside us on this issue—Haringey Migrant Support Centre, the Public Interest Law Centre, Haringey Welcome, NELMA and CARIS Haringey.