Project 17

Online Resources

FOI’s/S17 hub 

We have been busy updating the S17 Hub, the members’ area built in conjunction with Youth Legal. The Hub allows for you to search for, download and comment on local authorities’ NRPF and section 17 policies, and browse anonymised case data to spot trends in the provision of support. We hope these resources will help practitioners include wider policy arguments when advocating for individuals, providing evidence of poor practice and improving transparency. The Hub now has up to date policies on NRPF and section 17 support from a wide range of local authorities across England, as well as contact details for many children’s services, legal teams and NRPF teams. Registration is free, and open to advisers and advocates supporting families with no recourse to public funds. Click here to register



On our website, you can find a number of free online resources, designed for advisers and individuals trying to access support. These include letter templates, guidance on making complaints, information for individuals, change of conditions assistance and factsheets. We have been updating our factsheets to reflect the constant flux of the law. Our new factsheets are on subsistence support, case law, Zambrano carers, nursery entitlement and civil claims…..