Project 17

Guidance for individuals

A guide for families on Section 17 support is available here.

This guide was made by families who have lived experience of requesting Section 17 support from social services, and groups and organisations supporting families to access support from social services.

 A series of workshops were held to work out what would be useful to include in a guide. Real-life examples are used throughout but names of individuals and local authorities are not mentioned to protect confidentiality.

This guide is intended as a practical resource, with tips for people who need support from social services but do not know how to prepare and what to expect. It should not replace specialist advice, especially if your case is complex.

The workshops were organised by Hackney Migrant Centre as part of the Moving out of Hardship project funded by the Big Lottery Fund in partnership with: Akwaaba, Project 17, Migrants Rights Network, North East London Migrant Action and Together with Migrant Children.

Thanks to everyone who took part and shared their experiences.

Guide to section 17 support for families


If you are facing homelessness or do not have enough money to meet your basic needs, but cannot access mainstream welfare benefits or social housing, you can also access information from the below sections of our website.

This guidance is intended to help you understand whether you can access support from local authorities if you have ‘no recourse to public funds’.

It is not a substitute for face to face advice. If you are trying to decide whether to request support from your local authority, we recommend that try to seek face to face advice.

If you are considering asking the local authority for help, it is very important that you read all of the guidance.

This guidance contains the following sections:


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