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Contacting the Home Office


If you are in the UK unlawfully (e.g. you have overstayed a visa or you have no papers) the local authority will tell the Home Office that you approached them and asked for help.


This could lead to the Home Office finding out where you are, if they do not already know. If you are at risk of detention or removal, this could increase the chances of the Home Office taking action against you. This is only a risk if you have no barrier to returning to your country of origin.


You will need to be completely open and honest with the local authority. You will have to tell them all about your financial, housing and immigration situation.


If your immigration claim relied on you being able to support yourself and your family without access to benefits (a ‘maintenance requirement’), approaching the local authority for help could lead to the Home Office finding out that your circumstances have changed.


If you are at all worried about the impact of asking the local authority for help, you should talk about this with your immigration adviser.




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