Project 17

London Legal Support Trust Walk

Project 17 is taking part in the 10km London Legal Support Trust sponsored walk on 17 June 2019.

Please support us, and support families facing homelessness and serious poverty.

We're trying to raise £1,000 to support our clients. You can sponsor us here.

Why we're walking:

Many of our clients do not have enough money to buy food when they approach us. Some are unable to take their children to school because they cannot afford the bus fair. Others can't change their children's nappies often enough because the can't buy new ones.

To meet some of these basic needs, we operate a Destitution Fund: a small pot of money that allows us make one-off payments while we access more long-term support. A Destitution Fund payment may mean a family is able to have a proper meal, or a parent is able to take their children to school.

Below is the story of a client who approached us last year*:

Omo approached us because she was facing eviction with her two young children.

With no access to benefits and no right to work, she was forced into prostitution to buy food and other essentials. Omo thought she had become pregnant, but couldn't afford the bus fare to the GP to find out. We helped her get to the GP, and she received a number of payments from the Destitution Fund while she challenged the local authority's failure to provide financial support.

* Names and some identifying characteristics have been changed.

All the money in the Destitution Fund comes from fundraisers like the LLST walk.

Please make a donation so that we can continue to provide cash support to families in immediate need.

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